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We help our clients see different plausible futures, and turn the foresight into new business opportunities and robust strategies.

Create sustainable competitive advantage

We combine creativity, strategy and mathematics


Game-changing strategies are born of creative thinking: the ability to re-imagine, connect different ways of thinking, a leap into the unexpected.


But to move from wishful thinking into robust strategies, analytical capabilities are needed to root great visions into reality. With Swanlake's unique approach, you can explore a wide range of possibilities, and be creative and rigorous at the same time.

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We help you with

Customer insights and foresights

Scenarios & strategic foresight

Scenario-based strategy

New business and growth

Innovation and portfolio management

Marketing shaping

Gain an unfair advantage

Create tailored strategic foresight in growing external uncertainty

Tap into emerging opportunities

Turn the foresight into new initiatives & business models

Create robust strategies that perform well across multiple plausible futures

Shape the markets for your benefit

Future-proof your business




What customers say

"I can definitely recommend Swanlake. Co-operation was very inspiring and we gained significant results in relatively short time. Swanlake combines strong competence with visionary thinking and ability to understand customer needs.


They have the courage to challenge customers in a positive way and the capabilities needed to work in an iterative manner in response to upcame changes. This might sound a bit cliché, but all these things were proven during our project. As a result, all of our goals were accomplished - or actually exceeded. Warm thank you!"


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