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Customer-driven organisation and operating model

Music industry company

Our customer has a cross-organization business with millions of euros, hundreds of employees and an extensive partner network. Therefore, the goal was to ensure that the company could execute its new ambitious growth strategy more seamlessly and customer-focused. The transformation spanned all functions from planning, producing, marketing, and publishing products/services to the customers.

Success criteria

  1. Define a customer-driven organisation and operating model to support new ambitious strategy

  2. Set up a change management network

  3. Support key strategic actions 


We helped our client to developed new ambitious growth strategy. After the strategy project, natural next step was to support our client in the execution phase. Becoming customer-centric was one of the key strategic initiatives and therefore we helped to design new, customer-driven organisation and operating model.

We supported our client in a pragmatic manner to to become customer centric in all organizational functions, and to improve cross-organization collaboration. The operating model included shared objectives, roles and responsibilities and ways of working to collaborate around customer value. We also developed and prioritised products and brands from customer and growth target point-of-view in a business portfolio.

The new organization will be responsible for gradual changes, budgeting, investment planning and new business development during the upcoming few years.

Succeeding in new ambitious growth targets requires change in the organisation.Criteria for successful organizational changes are tangible benefits for customers, business and employees, that nurture customer-driven thinking.

We supported our client on ensuring smooth transformation, by clear communication of the reasons and benefits. 


Transformation requires supportive structures. Therefore the new operating model enabled smooth transition, to support customer-driven ways of working and collaboration. We provided hands-on support in ramping up the new operating model, with iterative approach, adjusted based on the feedback.


The new business portfolio model supports the vision towards becoming the leading company both in the minds of the customers but also industry.


What customers say

“The new way of working is now clear. The future vision is bright and  strong.”

— Strategy owner, music company

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