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Sustainable future for manufacturing companies 

Leading manufacturing companies

Global raw material and component shortages have severely disrupted the manufacturing industry. Our client is a group of leading international and domestic companies in manufacturing. They wanted to understand the challenges and opportunities that the manufacturing market could face in the future.

Success criteria

  1. Understand the future of sustainable manufacturing - markets, policy changes.

  2. Gain an outside-in view of main drivers and uncertainties shaping the manufacturing industry

  3. Support long-term strategy making by creating new ideas and testing existing plans


Our client wanted to understand the market's possible development paths to support strategic capability development.

Therefore, we did an extensive future market analysis using the PESTEL framework. We validated the research with subject matter experts and used the help of mathematical methods to find 4 scenarios out of more than 50 000 scenarios for further analysis.

We analysed the impact of each scenario on strategic decision-making in a series of company internal & external partner meetings: from investments to partnerships, new business opportunities and threats.


We identified which opportunities our client should take and how to mitigate the potential negative business impacts to strengthen the company's position in the future. 

The scenarios helped the client think about the development of the industry from fresh and new perspectives.

The key themes we discovered were sustainability, resilience and new technologies.

In addition, the scenarios helped the industry experts identify new uncertainties and prepare for them in advance. 

Our recommendations covered  Competence & capability development, R&D, Ecosystems & policy making. As a result, we could identify robust strategies that work in all scenarios, and the client utilized them to update their long-term strategy.


We also gave market shaping recommendations regarding policy making, financing and regulations. The client also found ways for market monitoring and will continue the strategic foresight work by updating the scenarios regularly. 

The updated strategy supports our client in becoming a global sustainability leader in innovation in the manufacturing industry.


What customers say

"Our work together was very useful. We found new angles and got fresh ideas that we were looking for."

— Project owner, innovation company

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