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Participatory strategy & inspiring future direction

Social sector organization

Our client is one of the big nonprofit organisation in social sector that supports people and communities struggling with social problems. With a strong mission to decrease inequality from the grassroot level, they wanted to make sure the new strategy is clear and has inspiring future direction to meet the changing need of customers and funders and would be participatory for the organisation & staff.

Success criteria

  1. Understanding the key drivers of change in the social & health sector and future need of customers

  2. Involving staff, key stakeholders and customers during the strategy process to get insight and commitment

  3. Create inspiring new position and strategy that supports long-term goals of the organisation

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We had three key strategic questions: what position to take in social sector as a NGO to stay relevant for the customers, how to find the right focus areas with the use of organisations unique capabilities and how  to survive and manage the uncertainties of funding landscape.

We planned and facilitated participatory process where customers, board members, key stakeholders and staff were taking part in the strategy process.

All staff member could also comment and follow strategy project phase by phase in workshops and though digital workspace. More than 75 % of the staff were actively involved in strategy project.

Strategy project helped the organisation to have a unique angle to their work and we together with our client we found a position for the organisation among NGO’s that was interesting to the customers and funders. It also was solving a clear problem in society and united organisation’s capabilities and customer groups in a new way. 

The feedback from staff members was that the strategy was “clear, meaningful, concrete and uniting”. Also the way we took the long history and values into account was especially noted from the staff.

New vision and goals of the strategy are now ambitious, but with a concrete roadmap the strategy was made achievable and had clear goals.​

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What customers say

“After Covid-19, there was a need to unite the forces. With the help of strategy work, we clarified the our unique angle that brought out our special expertise and is also inspiring to the personnel. We found a common goal and vision.”

— CEO, Social sector organization

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