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Partner, Strategy consultant

Petri Rikkinen

With over 20 years of experience, Petri has taken part in strategic projects, setting up new design-driven organizations, managing teams and creating dozens of new digital services. He has a unique background in industrial management and engineering, a minor in computer science, and two degrees in psychotherapy, giving him the advantage of combining business and human insight to support strategy and strategic foresight. 

Before Swanlake, he worked as a strategy consultant and sustainability lead in a global consulting company. He worked in multinational companies when they wanted to transform their business and culture. He has been ramping up strategic foresight competence and strategic design in a Finnish new school digital agency. He has also had two start-ups, which gives him hands-on experience in making ideas into viable businesses. Petri is doing doctoral studies at Aalto on how new mathematical methods impact strategy process, roles, and decision-making. On his free time Petri enjoys sports and arts.

+358 40 801 8555


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