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Scenario based strategy and a roadmap for an automotive industry association

Leading automotive industry association

New business models and various uncertainties in the global operating environment are shaping the automotive industry faster than ever. We helped an automotive industry association to update their strategy. We utilized scenarios and customer understanding in order to create a future-proof strategy. The goal was to identify how the association could support sustainable growth of the industry and create value for their members, stakeholders and society.

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We facilitated the strategy process that involved the entire personnel and the board of directors. We utilized scenarios in identifying alternative futures and the key challenges that the strategy should address. 

We analyzed the changing needs of the members and stakeholders of our client. We also analyzed the critical uncertainties of the operating environment. 

In the strategy we defined the vision, mission and values of the client as well as the alternative positions of our client in the future. Finally we created a roadmap for implementation of the strategy.

The chosen vision and mission guide the association towards ambitious goals. The strategic choices helped to prioritize the workload in a way that supports achieving the goals of our client.

The association has a lot of members and their goal is to maximize the impact of their work. This requires a shared understanding of future challenges and critical strategic questions.

To support the implementation of the strategy, we defined the required projects, responsibilities, timelines, goals, indicators, resources and risks.

As a result of the inclusive strategy process, we developed mid-term and long-term goals that helped the personnel to start implementing the strategy immediately.


What customers say

"I would recommend Swanlake as a partner for a strategy project. It is rare that everyone in the organisation gets their voice heard and everyone gets involved in the strategy work this well"

— CEO, Automotive industry association

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