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The challenges we help to solve

The operating environment is evolving rapidly, and forecasting its development is extremely difficult. Scenario planning is an approach to strategic decision-making that helps create coherent views about possible future conditions. It aims at identifying and evaluating contingencies, uncertainties, trends, and potential sources of disruption, often qualitatively.


However, in order to make sense of the causal relationships of different drivers and root the scenarios well into reality, analytical and rigorous methodologies are also needed...

  • What alternative future directions can we identify?

  • What are the key uncertainties in the business-specific environment?

  • How can, e.g., customer behaviour, competitor moves and policy-making evolve and affect the operating conditions?

  • What are the biggest threats and risks?

  • What are our strengths and which opportunities can we identify in light of different scenarios?

  • How to turn foresight into competitive advantage?


The challenges we help to solve

  • Which alternative scenarios can we identify for our business?

  • What strategic options can we identify in light of different scenarios?

  • What choices perform best across all plausible scenarios and decision-making criteria?

  • What is the most desirable scenario, and how to proactively shape the markets to increase the probability of the scenario being realised?

  • How to  prioritise between strategic alternatives - do now, keep as strategic options, avoid?

  • How to prepare for change?

To win big, companies must try to shape their own future. But to hedge against big losses, companies must also prepare for alternative developments. Scenario-based strategy helps executives look beyond current circumstances and build advantages that carry over time. Scenario planning is a powerful tool to identify strategic options that perform well in different future scenarios and to commit to choices that create long-term success...


The challenges we help to solve

Most companies are facing significant changes in their operating conditions: shifts in industry dynamics, new entrants transforming competitive landscape, and the rise of new business models and value creation logic.


As a result, many traditional businesses are slowly but steadily losing market. Searching for new growth opportunities in the strategic sweet spot can be tricky, while simply following your competitors leads to a reactive fire-fighting position...

  • How to create foresight in the face of growing external uncertainty?

  • How to tap into emerging opportunities at an early stage?

  • How to validate new opportunities in lean & agile way?

  • How to create a robust growth strategy?

  • How to develop a healthy portfolio of growth investments?

  • How to shape the markets for your benefit?


The challenges we help to solve

Lack of feasible ideas, or challenges in spotting initiatives with the highest future potential? Making decisions based on a single forecast of the future or a single decision-making criterion is risky, since so many assumptions about client needs, market dynamics and competition may change. Strategic foresight helps to see beyond current operating conditions and tap into emerging opportunities at an early stage... 

  • How to maintain a healthy portfolio of new opportunities?

  • How to identify and validate the initiatives with the highest future potential?

  • How to tap into emerging opportunities at an early stage?

  • How to design & manage an innovation pipeline that fosters emerging opportunities without heavy and exhausting documentation and analysis? 

  • How to ensure investment-readiness from a future-driven perspective?

  • How to ensure smooth transition to development and launch (gtm)?


The challenges we help to solve

The future is still unwritten, and therefore companies must understand their role and possibilities in creating it. Future is created in complex, constantly evolving interactions. Companies are part of this networked environment, and therefore capable of shaping it. Great visions tend to come true simply because we start preparing for them. Market shaping is a strategic tool for all companies visioning to disrupt the traditional value creation logic...

  • How to redefine the rules of the game?

  • Which ecosystem(s) to choose or develop? 

  • Which partnerships are needed?

  • How to create a vision that inspires clients and partners to follow us?

  • Which systems and stakeholders to influence?​

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