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Our Story

The name Swanlake is a tribute to bringing human creativity and mathematical models together to make a better world, decision by decision.

‘Swan’ refers to the concept of a ‘black swan’, popularized by Nassim Taleb. A black swan is a highly improbable event that is difficult to predict but has a massive impact that changes people’s worldviews. But as in business, there are other kinds of swans in the lake, too. 


Ordinary white swans represent business as usual. ‘Dirty white swans’ (a term coined by professor Claudia Zeisberger and investment expert David Munro) are events that are surprising only because of cognitive and human biases, such as ignoring warning signs and dismissing historical events.  A ‘red swan’ (a term invented by catastrophist Gordon Woo) is a probable event that could create a significant impact, but eventually does not happen.

We believe that by combining human creativity with mathematical models, we can start managing the uncertainty represented by all kinds of swans in the lake – and even shape the world with our own swans.


Swan lake is also a well-known ballet that year after year can amaze, excite and touch humans around the world. Like musicians, ballet dancers, and other production crew, we believe that practice makes perfect and is the key to delivering an unforgettable performance. That is why we, as a company, believe in rigorous approaches, a disciplined way of working, and seamless teamwork without forgetting emotions and valuing the unique background of each us.

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